Cruising the Mediterranean for a Memorable Journey


A cruise is always stunning, since it allows you to enjoy the infinite blue of the waters and the sky, as you are floating and staying at a modern, luxurious cruise ship. When it comes to the Mediterranean Sea, there are numerous different destinations that you can visit on a cruise boat. All of them are enchanting and will make the most of your experience. Just remember to take pictures and off you go for a unique spectacle!

Thousands of islands are scattered around the Mediterranean, waiting to be discovered by the lucky few people who reach the shore. Among the top destinations in the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea with the amazing embroidered coasts of the islands. Cyclades are world renowned for their distinctive architecture and style, while Crete is a wonderful island that combines mountainous terrain and splendid beaches.

Cyprus is another superb destination while cruising along the Mediterranean. This is the island of Venus or Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Unspoiled beauty, raw and fierce rocks, steep mountains, long stretches of land and of course marvelous cobalt blue sea! All these along with the 300 days of sunshine and the mouth-watering gastronomy with typical Greek and Oriental cuisine make Cyprus a top destination in the world!

During your cruise tour, you will also be able to pass through Malta. This is the island of the Knights, since the medieval character is prevalent in the area. Another fabulous place to enjoy in the Mediterranean is of course Italy. Sicily and Sardinia, the largest islands of the country, offer superb experiences to travelers! And then it is time for France! Marseille is a wonderful seaport town and welcomes cruise ships from all over the seas. It is a great place for enjoying your cup of coffee over splendid vistas to the horizon.

Of course, there are many other destinations for you to include in your cruise tour. For example, you can head to Spain or even Gibraltar. Africa holds some truly amazing hidden treasures that you are invited to explore. Every place you visit on board is magical, since you are surrounded by turquoise waters and gazing at the marvelous salty oasis all around you. It is a unique experience, where you are welcome to relax and enjoy luxurious facilities and services – all that while at the same time cruising across the Mediterranean!



Santorini: A Fierce Volcanic Masterpiece



World renowned for its lunar shaped beaches, the fierce rock formations and the whitewashed buildings hanging from the cliffs, Santorini is one of the top destinations for romantic getaways! In line with the distinctive Cycladic architecture, this Greek island encompasses timeless beauty and unparalleled elegance, amazing landscapes and warm hospitality. It is everything one would have wished for during an unforgettable holiday experience!

The Volcanic Eruptions

Santorini has been shaped after continuous volcanic eruptions, having taken place millennia ago. The archipelago consists of smaller islands, which form the caldera. An imposing rock formation emerging from underwater, with its dark color and its unique shape, stands tall and welcomes travelers from afar. Those who wish to wander through the craters of the volcano may do so, embarking on one of the cruise boats sailing to the volcano and the sulfur beach.

Amazing Landscapes

However, there is much more than the caldera for you to see in Santorini. The embroidered coastline resembles life in other planets, with black pebbles and sand, red rocks and all-white dunes. The picturesque villages of Santorini attract worldwide attention and are famous for the sunset vistas they provide. Imagine the sun spreading thousands of chromatic shades of orange, red, purple and blue on the sky. This is a splendid experience, a transcendental journey you should not miss out on.

Besides the superb architecture with the whitewashed houses and the blue shutters, the cobbled pathways and the blossomed gardens, local gastronomy is another exquisite attraction in Santorini. Local products that you will only find here, such as Theran cherry tomatoes and white eggplants, special grape varieties and caper, are combined to perfection in every dish.

Romantic Weddings with Stunning Views

If you are searching for the idyllic scenery to get married and seal the bond of love and affection with your significant other, Santorini is an ethereal destination. You will have the opportunity to exchange your vows overlooking the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea. Whether you choose a quaint chapel or the terrace of a 5 star hotel in Santorini (there are many boutique hotels for you to choose from, such as Volcano View and Petit Palace, Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites and Helianthus Suites), you will find the perfect scenery for this precious, invaluable experience. As the sun is setting, you and your loved one will become one and celebrate your love in one of the world’s most treasured masterpieces!



Let’s face it, carpet cleaning is an extremely boring topic. Yet for many home and business owners, it is imperative to have it regularly performed for the health and safety of your family members, your pets or your employees.


One of the main misconceptions that we come across in the carpet cleaning industry, is when someone purchases new carpet for the home or business. People are instructed to wait as long as possible before they have a full steam clean performed on the new carpet. So one of the issues here is that for the carpet retail store it means that there is less of a chance that the new carpet owner is going to come back with any problems. One of the main problems for the new carpet owner is that the longer they wait before having the first clean performed on the new carpet it means that there’s a very high possibility that not all the inground dirt will be able to be removed from the carpet. What will happen in this scenario of course comma is that the life of the carpet will be severely reduced.


At the very least, you should set a reminder in your phone calendar to call your trusted local carpet cleaning company at least once a year and book in to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned. If you continue to ignore this and do not have your carpets cleaned at least once a year, what you will find it is that in grounded will stay buried inside your carpet fibres and it will massively reduce the life of the carpet and also can cause health and breathing problems, particularly with adults or children who are prone to asthma or breathing difficulties.


Also in addition to this, if your carpets are in a high traffic area, which usually they are, it will leave tracks in the carpet that often after a long period of time cannot be removed. This can result in permanent staining of your carpets and even some of the best carpet cleaners in your area will not be able to fully restore your carpets to the look they once had.clean carpet

Common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid

Having a clean and healthy home requires a clean carpet. Proper maintenance of your carpet can make be to be able to handle general wear and tear for years. While it is impossible to avoid accidental spills and stains, you can reduce their effect on your carpet by doing the correct thing.  You need to be cautious because some carpet cleaning steps can easily damage your carpet. Below are the top carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

Using the wrong carpet cleaning product

There are different cleaning products in the market designed for specific purposes. You need to be careful with any product you use when carpet cleaning in Ipswich. Ensure you read the label carefully before using a product. For instance, cleaners with strong chemicals can damage your carpet fibers. If you have any doubts on the utilization of the product, be sure to research online or ask professionals.

Waiting too long to remove stains

Spills sink quickly and get absorbed by the carpet fibers. You need to act immediately before the spill gets dry and set. Some stains may even be acidic, and if you don’t wipe the quickly, they can eat away your carpet fibers. Tackling a stain right away help you prevent permanent damage and odor from your carpet. Moreover, acting without delay will save you the struggle to remove the stain when it is dry and hard to remove.

Incorrectly using carpet deodorizer

Deodorizing powders are designed to be used to eliminate smells in the carpet after cleaning. However, some homeowners make a mistake of using the powder them for cleaning dirt and removing stains. You should avoid using the powder too often because the powder can get stuck and build up in your carpet fibers. Using the deodorizer for cleaning will leave you with a dirtier carpet over time since a vacuum is not strong enough to pull out the powder from the fibers.

Relying on carpet cleaner rental

It may seem a good idea to rent a carpet cleaner, but at times it turns out differently. Some carpet cleaner machines are rarely serviced, and therefore you may carry someone’s dirt into your home. Moreover, some of the machines have a clog that makes them not to work efficiently. Ensure you test the carpet cleaner machine before going ahead to use it.

Avoiding professional carpet cleaning

With kids and pets in your home, no amount of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning can clean all the dirt. The self-sufficiency character is a big mistake in carpet cleaning. It is recommended to have professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. Professional cleaners have proper training in stain removal and can be able to remove the stubborn stains on your carpet. You will extend the life of your carpet and enhance better air quality in your home.