Common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid

Having a clean and healthy home requires a clean carpet. Proper maintenance of your carpet can make be to be able to handle general wear and tear for years. While it is impossible to avoid accidental spills and stains, you can reduce their effect on your carpet by doing the correct thing.  You need to be cautious because some carpet cleaning steps can easily damage your carpet. Below are the top carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

Using the wrong carpet cleaning product

There are different cleaning products in the market designed for specific purposes. You need to be careful with any product you use when carpet cleaning in Ipswich. Ensure you read the label carefully before using a product. For instance, cleaners with strong chemicals can damage your carpet fibers. If you have any doubts on the utilization of the product, be sure to research online or ask professionals.

Waiting too long to remove stains

Spills sink quickly and get absorbed by the carpet fibers. You need to act immediately before the spill gets dry and set. Some stains may even be acidic, and if you don’t wipe the quickly, they can eat away your carpet fibers. Tackling a stain right away help you prevent permanent damage and odor from your carpet. Moreover, acting without delay will save you the struggle to remove the stain when it is dry and hard to remove.

Incorrectly using carpet deodorizer

Deodorizing powders are designed to be used to eliminate smells in the carpet after cleaning. However, some homeowners make a mistake of using the powder them for cleaning dirt and removing stains. You should avoid using the powder too often because the powder can get stuck and build up in your carpet fibers. Using the deodorizer for cleaning will leave you with a dirtier carpet over time since a vacuum is not strong enough to pull out the powder from the fibers.

Relying on carpet cleaner rental

It may seem a good idea to rent a carpet cleaner, but at times it turns out differently. Some carpet cleaner machines are rarely serviced, and therefore you may carry someone’s dirt into your home. Moreover, some of the machines have a clog that makes them not to work efficiently. Ensure you test the carpet cleaner machine before going ahead to use it.

Avoiding professional carpet cleaning

With kids and pets in your home, no amount of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning can clean all the dirt. The self-sufficiency character is a big mistake in carpet cleaning. It is recommended to have professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. Professional cleaners have proper training in stain removal and can be able to remove the stubborn stains on your carpet. You will extend the life of your carpet and enhance better air quality in your home.

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