Let’s face it, carpet cleaning is an extremely boring topic. Yet for many home and business owners, it is imperative to have it regularly performed for the health and safety of your family members, your pets or your employees.


One of the main misconceptions that we come across in the carpet cleaning industry, is when someone purchases new carpet for the home or business. People are instructed to wait as long as possible before they have a full steam clean performed on the new carpet. So one of the issues here is that for the carpet retail store it means that there is less of a chance that the new carpet owner is going to come back with any problems. One of the main problems for the new carpet owner is that the longer they wait before having the first clean performed on the new carpet it means that there’s a very high possibility that not all the inground dirt will be able to be removed from the carpet. What will happen in this scenario of course comma is that the life of the carpet will be severely reduced.


At the very least, you should set a reminder in your phone calendar to call your trusted local carpet cleaning company at least once a year and book in to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned. If you continue to ignore this and do not have your carpets cleaned at least once a year, what you will find it is that in grounded will stay buried inside your carpet fibres and it will massively reduce the life of the carpet and also can cause health and breathing problems, particularly with adults or children who are prone to asthma or breathing difficulties.


Also in addition to this, if your carpets are in a high traffic area, which usually they are, it will leave tracks in the carpet that often after a long period of time cannot be removed. This can result in permanent staining of your carpets and even some of the best carpet cleaners in your area will not be able to fully restore your carpets to the look they once had.clean carpet

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